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Unlock Customer Loyalty: Top 3 Gamification Trends You Can't Ignore

Discover how gamification is transforming customer engagement and find out how you can use it to increase your sales!

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1) Gamification Creates Customer Loyalty

“Gamification has significant potential for fostering customer loyalty” (EuroMed Journal of Business, Jan 2024). Integrating game-like elements can keep customers engaged and coming back for more.

Offering games that lead to prizes can increase repeat purchases.  You can now offer 15% off your next online purchase with YourSpin. This new product development is an easy way to bring new customers onto your website.

2) Engaging Gen Z Through Gamification

“Gamification is a powerful tool that can help you attract and retain Gen Z shoppers. This demographic is known for being tech-savvy, social media-savvy, and highly competitive.” (Ghost Retail, 2024)

40% of YourSpin players are aged 18-25, making them our most engaged consumers. Want to attract a younger demographic? Use Your Spin for an easy way to target Gen Z consumers.

3) High Redemption Rates Drive Sales

Improving the ease of redeeming prizes is crucial. According to Consumer Insights Group (Consumer Insights Group, 2024), the average redemption rate is 14%, with top performers achieving 15% or higher.

A recent Your Spin activation achieved a redemption rate of 68% and a sales uplift of 48%. With our new redemption rate improvement, we've managed to significantly speed up time taken to redeem prizes, which has resulted in a new average of over 75%!

Focusing on these gamification trends, you can effectively engage your audience and foster long-term loyalty. For YourSpin information on how to add gamification at the point of order, don't hesitate to reach out to us at

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